243 m
-125 m
6,57 km

Skoðað 38sinnum, niðurhalað 2 sinni

nálægt Tepeköy, Çanakkale (Türkiye)

The track starts at the Çınar restaurant and ends at the old monastery.
First 2 km is a different path. If you want to start with the original path navigate the last 5.3km.
Do not try the jump over the metal fences, there is a door. Please close it back.
You can swim on the beach and visit the rock tombs near the monastery.
The path is marked with red signs. If you miss the red dots go back and find them. You can easily lose your direction in this area and fell over from the rocks.

No water in the summer season.
No water pass on summer season.
Need hiking boats.


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