1.986 m
1.742 m
11,35 km

Skoðað 1234sinnum, niðurhalað 28 sinni

nálægt Bretaye, Canton de Vaud (Swiss Confederation)

From the Bretaye station, take the road that descends towards Villars for 50m. Then take the track that starts on the left and that passes beneath the Roc à l'Ours. Follow this pleasant path to the hamlet of Ensex. Cross the village and go up the little pathway on the left that comes out on the Col d'Ecrène. Then go down the track that winds between the alders and that joins the Perche track. Go to the left and, just after the hamlet of Perche, take the track that intersects to the right towards Vy Boveyre. After you have got to the little mountain path, go left and follow it until you arrive above the lac des Chavonnes. A footpath on the left will get you to the lake side where you will find a delightful restaurant. Then you can carry on to the track that passes beneath the chairlift and that will bring yu back to Bretaye.


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