988 m
-1 m
15,34 km

Skoðað 8sinnum, niðurhalað 0 sinni

nálægt Skogar, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

ascend all day. quite steep sometimes so get ready to breath deep. some parts are exhilarating as you walk narrow paths and mountain ridges, it's not dangerous if you are careful enough, but defo add some spices to the whole hike, and views to either side of ridge are just beautiful. on top of mountain there are few newly formed volcanic summits and a volcano, also you traverse in between glaciers so it's possible to see that blue blue ice/snow which is mesmerizing. be prepared as climate changes completely on top, compared to a start of a trail. windy, foggy, cold. Upon hitting the summit wind was more than 20 m/s, the warden in the hut notified us of this condition, but we risked it and did the trail anyway, wasn't as bad as warden tried to portray it. ( safety first though) but If you have strong will everything is possible !


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