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nálægt Skogar, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

One of the must. Very, very nice and special.

The map sold by Volcano hut had mistakes on it when we used it. Don't go down to the river there is no path at the bottom. Stuck in the river, we called for help and they told us to manage ourself.
It is not a difficult hike, but don't do it with small kids.
People at Volcano Hut are very nice and helpfull.

Une des balades à faire. Très, très beau et spécial.

Ne descendez pas jusqu'à la rivière, il n'y a pas de sentier en bas et c'est dangereux d'essayer de traverser. Il y avait une "erreur" sur la carte vendue à l'époque ou nous l'avons utilisée. Ce n'est pas une promenade difficile, mais ce n'est pas conseillé aux enfants.
Les gens à Volcano Hut sont très accueillants.

1 athugasemd

  • Mynd af Volcano Huts

    Volcano Huts 29. júl. 2014

    Hi Bon-P-Lan, we agree that the Tindfjöll Circle is one of the must do hiking trails in Þórsmörk. It offers great panoramic views of the entire Þórsmörk valley, Eyjafjallajökull Glacier and other volcanoes around the area. The terrain is versatile and demanding but does not require technical climbing skills or equipment to traverse.

    We sell maps, made by the Icelandic Touring Association and Utivist, and although the maps are quite detailed and graphic, it is true that the map could be more accurate in some areas. We have sent the publisher detailed notes on where we feel the map could be improved and have hoped for adjustments when the next issued version of the map goes to print.

    However, it must be kept in mind that Þórsmörk has some of the most dynamic landscape in Iceland and that the rivers change their course almost daily and sometimes run over and cut through trails that the map shows as in good condition.

    There are currently teams of trail workers, working on improving the network of trails in Þórsmörk. Their work consists of marking and fixing trails and setting up signage on specific locations to make navigation easier. These groups of people have done an amazing work on the trails in the last three years and every year the trails are better and safer for travellers. You can follow their work here on their Facebook site.

    In those rare moments when people get into trouble because of difficult terrain in Þórsmörk we advise people to try to backtrack and go back the same way as they came. In those instances where there is no way of getting out, we have only the option to call emergency services as we do not have the necessary equipment or qualified mountain rescue workers among our staff. The only exception from this is if there is an immediate danger and we are the closest source of help there is. The same goes for all other huts in the highlands of Iceland.

    I will make sure your comment reach the publisher for the map of Þórsmörk. Also if you have any further comments that would improve the map then feel free to send us an email with all your comments.

    Best regards

    Bjarni Freyr
    volcanohuts@volcanohuts. com

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