384 m
126 m
16,51 km

Skoðað 205sinnum, niðurhalað 2 sinni

nálægt Tuxedo Park, New York (United States)

This hike starts in Tuxedo Park, NY. In the parking lot, proceed to the RD trail head on Grover Dr. Once at the trail head, take the RD approximately 2 miles, until it intersects with the Blue Disc trail. Along this route, that are several view points of Tuxedo and it surrounding area.
Make a right at the Blue Disc for .7 miles where it intersects with several trails ( TMI, White Cross ). At this point, this is another great view point of the area.Continue on the hike making a left onto TMI trail and take that trail until intersects with the White Bar.
Once at the intersection, take a left on the White Bar towards Lake Sebago. Just before the lake, the White Bar will intersect with the Yellow Triangle trail. Make a slight right, and continue on the Yellow Trail.
Continue on the Yellow Trail for about 2.5 miles where it intersects with the White Bar trail. Along this path, two lakes are passed; Lake Sebago, and Lake Skenonto. Since the path goes close to shore of the lakes, there are several great places to eat lunch.
Once at the intersects with White Bar, take a left and continue to following the White Bar trail until it intersects with the White Cross trail.
Take a left on the White Cross, and following it unit the end of the trail. At this point, Blue Disc and TMI will intersect with the White Cross. Continue with the hike by taking the TMI back to the RD trail.
Once at the RD trail, take it all the way back to Grover Dr and to the parking lot.


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