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  • Mynd af Volcan San Cristobal
  • Mynd af Volcan San Cristobal
  • Mynd af Volcan San Cristobal
  • Mynd af Volcan San Cristobal
  • Mynd af Volcan San Cristobal
  • Mynd af Volcan San Cristobal


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1.827 m
203 m
14,98 km

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nálægt El Pellisco, Chinandega (Nicaragua)

Hike to the top of San Cristobal on two days with a night at the Finca Las Rojas, AMAZING ! (Me contacter pour les infos en francais!)

The hike can start at the beginning of the earth road. You can reach this point by taxi from Chinandega (150 cordobas for the car, direction La Bolsa), or by public transport or by stopping a car... Very easy to go there.
From here, you will follow a road, no possibility to get lost, the first part to the farm is quite easy (7km).

We spent a night there (A few hours actually...), cost 5 dollars to put hammock and 12 dollars for a bed. You can eat there too, and the entrance cost to the parc is 5dollars..

For the ascension, we start at 1h30AM for reaching the top for the sunrise. We arrived at 5h15 at the summit and that was incredible !!
The ascension is long, the beginning on the vegetation is easy and you will easily find the track. The hardly things begin when you arrive at the sand part. You will have impression to made one step and regressing for a half.. But there only a 1000m of elevation and 3km so you can go slowly.
When you arrive on this part, try to find the path, that will be a little bit easier than if you go straight, not that easy to get it so take good lamps !

At the summit you will have an amazing view on the coast and the volcano cordiller. It s cold there so take good clothes if you want to enjoy !

After this hard time of ascent, the descent will be a pleasure, you will discover the landscape who were in the dark AND it s possible to run, since we sink down to the ankles in the sand !
We just went down to the farm and there we ask to go back with the pick up of the owner to Chinandega (10Dollars)

Really a must to do, one of the best sunset I had in my life and a little physical challenge on the same time..

If you want more information, contact me !

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  • Mynd af Aitor García Muñoz

    Aitor García Muñoz 27. nóv. 2019

    did you go up without a guide?
    Can you park your own vehicle on the farm?

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