798 m
487 m
12,6 km

Skoðað 90sinnum, niðurhalað 5 sinni

nálægt Bad Griesbach, Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)

The Wiesensteig based on https://www.wanderservice-schwarzwald.de/de/tour/premiumwege/schwarzwaelder-wandersinfonie-der-wiesensteig-in-bad-peterstal-griesbach-/8801557/#dmdtab=oax-tab4, adding a few more kilometers by starting in Bad Griesbach.
Really pretty first half, along the river Rench, narrow trails, stepping stones, crossing the river several times. From the Fischfelsenhütte the trail is a wide forest path for several kilometers and not a lot to see. After walking down a steep slope the trail leaves the forest and again offers nice views to the surrounding areas.


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