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  • mynd af Yosemite: North Dome via Snow Creek

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Uploaded 28. maí 2012

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nálægt Curry Village, California (United States)

Up Snow Creek switchbacks just past Mirror Lake, around Indian Peak (didn't do peak or even visit arch, sigh), to N. Dome, then on to Yosemite Falls and descent after dark. Started 8:30am, return 11pm. Mild mid-70's weather.
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  • mynd af José Rolo de Sousa

    José Rolo de Sousa 28.7.2015

    Fantastic trail and very good info. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kale SantaCruz 17.1.2018

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    I did this trail with two other individuals as a New Year backpacking trip from January 1st to the 4th. The temperatures at this time varied from 40F to 20F and there were scattered areas of snow and ice. It didn't snow while we were there, so no need for snow shoes, but boot traction devices were useful. Some parts of the trail seemed washed out, especially near North Dome where its all dirt and gravel, so it was slightly difficult to find trail at times.
    My group and I started late the first day and started our ascent up the switchbacks at dark. This definitely added a layer of difficulty, however the switchbacks alone are grueling task. The ascent up Snow Creek was the hardest part, however the rest of the trail was moderately difficult. We stopped at Indian Rock, which was really cool, but skipped North Dome.
    At the top of Yosemite Falls we stopped at the overlook and climbed down to get a beautiful view of the falls. The descent down Yosemite Falls is quick and was probably the easiest part of the trail.
    There are about four or five creeks on this trail, so in the right season water shouldn't be a problem.
    Overall, this was a strenuous trail, especially if you factor in a backpack, but the views make it worth the pain. Definitely recommend this trail.

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