39 m
-7 m
20,12 km

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nálægt Beverly Cove, Massachusetts (United States)

Start from Centraal Bike shop (http://www.centraalcycle.com) and make your way to Dane Street then Hale Street. Turn left on Lothrop Street, then right cross Lane, right on Foster street, then right on Common Lane. You will then turn left on Branch lane keeping to the left at the next intersections of what looks like driveways. From then on, keep to the right. You will see the entrance of the Park at the top of a short hill. There is a map of the trails there. From then on, it's all single tracks and a few wider firebreak trails. There is an extensive network of trails criss-crossing the park. What is shown here is more or less the outer loop and a few interior trails. It took me 5 separate rides of an hour+ to try every tail in the park. So there's plenty to choose from. Most of the trails are flowing and relatively easy but there are also significant obstacles along the way. There are a number of challenging rock gardens, and some steep drops and uphills. Some of the more technical segments might require some walking or a good look before you endeavor to push forward.
We rented bikes from Centraal Bikes. They do have good bikes and very friendly staff.


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