42 m
1 m
33,49 km

Skoðað 1672sinnum, niðurhalað 33 sinni

nálægt Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

We start our cycle in Capilla del Señor beginning in the Provincial Road number 39. In the roundabout, we keep straight, to see after some 500 yards (or even less) a rural road to our left hand side. We turn left and start cycling on a dirt road that take us through agricultural fields, and country houses. This road tends to be generally in good shape, unless it had rained the days before, which tends to be a bit too muddy.

We keep going, and after we cross a railway track we find a road on our right hand side away 1km from the tracks that will take us to Cardales.
In Cardales, we take Belgrano Road, towards the south east, when this diverts, we take left to another dirt road, that will take us to the main road through the Industrial Park. This road tends to be a Little bit busy during working days, but would turn quiet on Sundays.

Once we reach the National Route 8 (already in Pilar) we keep straight and turn left onto the Avenida Lopez. 5 minutes later we turn right on a main crossing that will take us to Pilar Railway Station.


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