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Hnit 503

Uploaded 6. júní 2015

Recorded júní 2015

691 m
201 m
11,85 km

Skoðað 834sinnum, niðurhalað 16 sinni

nálægt Carupola, Liguria (Italia)

This is a possible alternative to original Corsaro track that here ends with its little brother El Niño .

(also notice that this gpx record is more accurate than its corresponding one available at "Il Corsaro" Wikiloc page)

Last but not least... The first 60 seconds of This Video have been recorded along the Corsaro.. Have a look !

Pure beauty MTB trail ! What a track ! Poetry for your tires and wonder for your eyes..

This is a brand new track built by a group of volunteers of San Desiderio and Apparizione suburbs (credits to Gruppo Trekking Alta Valle Sturla) that made a huge and valuable work in retracing and recovering ancient trails and building new infrastractures like wood bridges and trampolines.

A description of the trail is available at SpunciaBike Blog

Personally I have no words for describing my joy in descending this trail into a magical chestnut forest along a path built with extreme care.

Try once... You will agree that the Corsaro is now the top end of MTB trails in Genova area.

Enjoy !


Corsaro Start

Here the Corsaro Starts...


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