284 m
200 m
23,18 km

Skoðað 165sinnum, niðurhalað 5 sinni

nálægt Rutledge, Georgia (United States)

Some 23kms; perfect track. Great signals. It has it all... from the smoothest to a real tough red one at the end. Week-day strict... I did on a Saturday and did the orange warm up (twice...) then the green loop, blue loop, and then... yes, went for the red loop and ended up destroyed and happy.
The blue would be a very good loop for beginner/initiation or catching up after a while away from the bike... the green one... well... it could be that perfect track to test if a younger kid could take the next level .... The good thing is that the loops always end up or begin with a connector and signal to the parking lot. So safe to try though the track as such will have technicalities and ramps... but really worth the try.
The red loop... is very red. Entirely different than the blue and green. But you can skip it and just turn to the parking loot after you have done those blue and green loops.
great nature, great condition, gotta pay at parking lot 5 + 3 some 8 dollars.
if it has rained probably closed.
Fantastic track not far from Atlanta at all.
I give it moderate but the red loop is a real red, would be difficult (to my taste and shape)


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