328 m
27 m
53,9 km

Skoðað 2506sinnum, niðurhalað 32 sinni

nálægt Ljósavatn, Norðurland Eystra (Ísland)

Més informació: www.amblesalforges.cat


  • Árni F. Sigurðsson 26.6.2015

    Is this a mountain bike trail ? Isn't this all on paved roads ?

  • mynd af raimonesteve

    raimonesteve 29.6.2015

    Roads in Island are paved and not paved. The ring road (round circle is a paved road (except north-est) but most roads in center island, isn't paved and you need some days to pass.

    You could read our road book at http://www.amblesalforges.cat/rutes/iceland.html (translate catalan to your favorite language). Our travel was 15 days. If you have more days, 3 weeks, is better than 15 days. Iceland is fantastic to ride bike.

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