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Hnit 485

Uploaded 7. ágúst 2009

Recorded ágúst 2009

328 m
27 m
53,9 km

Skoðað 2474sinnum, niðurhalað 32 sinni

nálægt Ljósavatn, Norðurland Eystra (Ísland)

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  • Árni F. Sigurðsson 26.6.2015

    Is this a mountain bike trail ? Isn't this all on paved roads ?

  • mynd af raimonesteve

    raimonesteve 29.6.2015

    Roads in Island are paved and not paved. The ring road (round circle is a paved road (except north-est) but most roads in center island, isn't paved and you need some days to pass.

    You could read our road book at (translate catalan to your favorite language). Our travel was 15 days. If you have more days, 3 weeks, is better than 15 days. Iceland is fantastic to ride bike.

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