1.467 m
1.336 m
11,04 km

Skoðað 87sinnum, niðurhalað 6 sinni

nálægt Moab, Utah (United States)

10 kms of pure fun.
I did this trail early morning at first light; fresh and all tranquility. Biker from Chile Pepper shop recommended this as I had little time before trip back SaltLake and flight back... So the plan was by the milimeter and did it and it was pure fun.

Klonzo is a bit of a laberynth when you check out the trails. The guy from Chile Pepper recommended this scheme, outer; taking bits and pieces from various other trails and it really worked. Nice flow, views, some passages very technical on rock; some parts could be black but more for the risk of falling down than the effort to go through; some climbs with it but no EPIC and nice flowing tobogan ups and downs. Pure fun.


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