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Skoðað 1248sinnum, niðurhalað 1 sinni

nálægt Lubbock, Texas (United States)

This route is full of sharp turns, fast steep down hills and short but difficult uphills. The route is lined with cactus and mesquite trees. Going off route may result in a thorny situation. This route is popular with trail runners and mountain bikers. On race days the route my be reversed and sometimes riders train in reverse so pay attention. There is an easy course integrated into the trail and several volunteer trails so the road will fork in some places. Some signs are on the path to point in the right direction.
The trails to the east of these trails have been closed by the City of Lubbock Water Dept. Members of the WTCA and other riders are working to get it reopened.

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  • mynd af Lindell

    Lindell 15.9.2011

    Got out on the trails for the first time in long time. The route is very dry with loose sand in the corners. The route is still overgrown east of the railroad tracks. Tough I bikers but the bobcats seemed to like it. They also seemed to enjoyed watching us ride through it.

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