406 m
126 m
29,69 km

Skoðað 10sinnum, niðurhalað 0 sinni

nálægt Quail Run, Alabama (United States)

I rode 30 kilometers and set GPS to measure altitude every 10 meters. The total sum of ascending meters on my Garmin was 948 meters.

Fantastic park, and trail.. at some points it felt the singletrack had not been used for a long while; very exciting. The climb was reasonable but, the problem is at the end of the climb... you normally get a reward.. not in OakMt ... at the end of the climb the real challenge starts with around 4 kilometers of true spike-type rocks to negotiate... First few are welcome... testing your nerve and push... to my level however, after 10 or 12 passages one after the other momentum went down and did walk the bike a lot. At a given point the spiky-rocks portion is over and then you can ride back to head with a good rythm and few more ramps.

Restaurant BARFOOD in Bgham, think Vestavia area, was an absolute treat!


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