1.342 m
1.128 m
25,5 km

Skoðað 924sinnum, niðurhalað 4 sinni

nálægt Scotts Flat, California (United States)

Pioneer Trail from the 5 mile House to White Cloud. Single and double track. Lots of trees, some nice views especially after you cross over 20 near White Cloud. I call it moderate due to occasional large roots, stumps,a fair amount of two way traffic on single track, a few short too steep for this rookie spots and some narrow trail on the side of the hill behind While Cloud. Most of the trail is very close to highway 20. A trail continues East on the North side of 20 before you cross over. Once you cross over there are a lot of roads and trails besides the official one. The diversion on the way back is not part of the official trail but is much less steep. I'm told the trail goes all the way to 80.
The official parking lot is small and likely to be full. More parking next to 20 near the store.


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