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Hnit 6473

Uploaded 18. október 2013

Recorded október 2013

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2.655 m
1.980 m
31,39 km

Skoðað 846sinnum, niðurhalað 7 sinni

nálægt Metepec, Puebla (Mexico)

Ruta Nacional Enduro Popobike

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  • mynd af smitrov

    smitrov 7.9.2014

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    Nice climb from pueblo. Dont ride the road, boring. Nice view from the meadow just past the top of the climb. Currently the downhill section are overgrown and very hard to follow unless you have a gps. Multiple trails going many directions halfway down. Follow the blue paint if you can. Would be nice if this trail had some steeper section on the DH. Pretty flat except a few short sections. This is an XC trail. Nice location though on the volcano.

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