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nálægt Sant Esteve de Palautordera, Catalunya (España)

I followed a route by The Bike Village to get from the town of Sant Esteve de Palautordera to the top of Turo de l'home mountain, the highest peak in the Montseny natural park.
This route is beautiful, with some spectacular views, and avoids the asphalt roads as much as possible.

The route starts off with 4 km of wide dirt trail along a ridge next to the Turo mountain itself, then a short stretch of asphalt to get to the town of Mosqueroles, at the base of Turo de l'home. From there another 2.5km of varied dirt track, another stretch of a couple of hundred meters of asphalt road, and then around 6 km of reasonably comfortable dirt track.
After crossing the "5119" road and jumping the chain on the other side, there's about a km of slightly harder trail, with some loose rocks and soft spots.
Then comes the longest stretch of asphalt, around 1.5 km on the Turo de l'home access road.
After leaving the road again, the route passes to the north face of the mountain, where it becomes much more difficult and technical. The "very difficult" rating is mostly because of this part, and if you don't feel up to it, you can follow the access road for the last few km instead.
The next 4.5 km consists of varied forest trail, many parts with a lot of loose rocks to maneuver around. At first there's not much climbing, but towards the end it gets really steep, and at some points the trail is completely covered in loose rocks of different sizes.
The last couple of hundred meters of the climb is a dirt trail half eaten away by water and weather. There are no more loose rocks, as there's nowhere left for them to fall from.
And that's it. You made it to the top.

I followed mostly the same route down, except the first part where I opted out of the technical part through the forest and followed the access road instead. Maybe some other day...

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  • Kamma Rasmussen 28.5.2018

    Godt gået! Flot cykel! Mangler kun et X ved din bolig. Har den et vejnavn?

You can or this trail