1.193 m
91 m
25,16 km

Skoðað 31sinnum, niðurhalað 3 sinni

nálægt Skaftafell, Austurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

First winter loop:
Started on the edge of morsadular, scramble up a scree hill. From there head into the bowl, with will start you up towards the ridge line that runs around the top of kjos. Snow was plentiful so getting up the slopes were a dream(With stiff boots). Make your way along the ridge line, mostly flat along the top, but some sections you must traverse with an ice axe to limit sliding, Ice under snow has made scree slippery.
There are sections where you must down climb, mostly small basalt walls along the ridge line.
About 500m before the summit we decided to put crampons on, a lot of the fresh snow had been blown off exposing slick ice, so they’re definitely recommended from there on.
Hard but rewarding route, about 4 hours from base to summit.


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