680 m
257 m
11,17 km

Skoðað 115sinnum, niðurhalað 2 sinni

nálægt Árneshreppur, Vestfirðir (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Leiðin upp á Eyrarfell er ekki fyrir alla og þarf að hafa varan á sér.


  • stevenarwhals 24.4.2019

    Thanks so much for documenting this hike. I will be in the area on 6 June and am considering doing this one. Looks like you went around the same time. Was there a lot of snow? Are crampons necessary? Also, is the trail pretty obvious, or should I use the GPS points from your report?

  • mynd af Stefan Vidar

    Stefan Vidar 25.4.2019

    Good day Stevenarwhals. When I was there all snow was gone but that can be different between years. Its hard to say if crampons necessary, depands if all snow will be gone...
    There is no path so you should download the track. The way up to "Eyrarfell" there is 1 place that needs to be extra careful and you will see it when you arrive there. Good luck and have a good time in Iceland :)

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