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nálægt Cliff (historical), Idaho (United States)

This is a very scenic peak, surrounded by beautiful alpine lakes, and an excellent viewpoint of the Pioneer mountains. The hike is class 3, it requires a little climbing, so you need to feel comfortable in that type of terrain.
Broad Canyon is a small fairly primitive campground, but a great choice to spend the night. Follow a dirt road until it becomes a trail. There are bridges for the first crossings. Afterwards it is necessary to ford the creek twice. If the creek runs high it is possible to bushwhack your way keeping the creek to the left.
Once the trail gets to Goat Lake it is possible to reach the Southeast ridge of the peak directly, or take the longer route that follows the trail.
The ridge itself is straightforward, just clambering over rocks. There is however a 20 feet block just below the summit, at 11.600 feet. It is possible to go around it to the right, following a steep narrow gully. It is tricky, steep and slippery with some exposure.
An alternative route goes around Goat lake to reach the saddle of the Southwest ridge, by whatever means necessary. The scree in this area is hideous, though.
The return route goes to Betty Lake, which is a very pretty area, but it takes a little more climbing to reach the ridge above Clear Lake. This lake is no more, it is dry. Actually, the trail is no more either, it seems abandoned. It follows the dry outlet of Clear Lake. Some maps show a trail, but it is incorrect.

Clear Lake (dry)


Standhope Peak


Broad Canyon campground


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