• mynd af North Loop of Camp Claibrone
  • mynd af North Loop of Camp Claibrone
  • mynd af North Loop of Camp Claibrone
  • Myndband af North Loop of Camp Claibrone

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Uploaded 28. maí 2008

Recorded maí 2008

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144 m
40 m
32,26 km

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nálægt Vortex (historical), Louisiana (United States)

This is probably the easiest of the Camp Claiborne trails. No big surprises and lots of big wide trails with plenty of places to go with plenty of fun. The most difficulty I had was on the northwest corner. I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

The trail is suitable for four wheelers and dirt bikes.

My original plans was to take the outside loop but it didn’t happen. I started off on the center trail, then drove northwest to the outside loop.

(btw: Google Earth kept crashing every time I tried to edit the trail. I will re upload the information for more accurate trail length, and so on, another time.)

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These are the only type of remains from the original camp. The look like ammo depots but I'm only guessing. Another YouTube video identified them as Bunkers.


  • Malatestaint 1.1.2012

    Are these trails ride-able on a more Enduro style bike? BMW GS? I ride no nobby, but Metzler tires.

  • PAPADOC 7.2.2014

    Rode this with my 10 year old son on his 4th trail ride...he had ridden his Yamaha 110F a bunch in our acre yard. Was real tough for him because of the sand. Having spent a bunch of time out in Nevada racing it was a lot of fun.

  • PAPADOC 7.2.2014

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I am rating it as difficult for those of you who haven't seen this much sand. If you are used to sand the trail isn't that hard.

  • rudygee167 4.12.2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    really good

  • mynd af chicotbill

    chicotbill 17.9.2017

    Pretty washed out as of late. Lots of exposed roots (square edged bumps) to work your suspension. Still the easiest trail in this area.

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