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This is a long time (6 month more or less) the moving time wasn't recorded correctly. many of my friends contacted with me and tell me this, even with android and Aiphon devices. they have this problem for example for a rout with 8 hours moving time and 9 hours total time that the rout recorded with correct 9 hours time and 5 hours moving time. for me the same problem happened this year several times. also I am surprised for not answering for 17 questions in board, but two of them.
of course the new versions are going to improve the software useful and better.

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On the trekking trails I've recorded the moving time that is recorded by Wikiloc is quite less than the actual moving time. The difference cannot be explained by minor errors because of GPS accuracy.

Consequently, Wikiloc shows me moving faster and I cannot get my accurate walking speed.

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