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nálægt Gea de Albarracín, Aragón (España)

Our car access was from Teruel, passing the small town of Gau de Albarracín along the way. This track includes the road segment between Gau de Albarracín and Albarracín.

Albarracín is a small town in the hills of east-central Spain, above a curve of the Guadalaviar River. Towering medieval walls, the Murallas de Albarracín, dominate the adjacent hillside. At their crest is 10th-century Andador Tower. The ruins of an alcázar, or Moorish castle, stand on a clifftop in the southern part of the old town.

It was quite cold at this high elevation when this track was made in January 2018, and the surrounding hills cast shadows quickly during the shorter winter days.
Gea De Albarracin is a small town on the road between Teruel and Albarracín. Its central street is similar to some of the streets of Teruel and Albarracín. The old Mesón El Convento (Convent) at Gea De Albarracin is now a popular bar-restaurant. We arrived early in January (off-season) and found the restaurant fully booked. Our hosts were disappointed because it is one of their favourite restaurants. There are many alternate eating places farther west, at Albarracín.
This is a winding, fairly slow two-lane highway, passing beside a small river and through forests, with many colorful rock outcroppings along the roadside.
The ruins are high on a hill to the north of the road. We are not sure if this is accessible for climbers, and didn't see any parking for it; it is apparently un-restored, and from the road it looks unstable and may be dangerous in places.
A selection of restaurants near the parking area offering Menus del Dia. The road up to the north part of Albarracin town starts from here. The tourist information center is also here.
Climbing the main road into the town center. There is an ancient water drainage flume by the road, and old buildings are converted to a hotel.
Climbing steep, narrow cobbled streets towards the north and the ancient town walls. The streets are often in shadow during the short winter days and can be chilly at these higher elevations.
Emerging from the north side of town, there is a steep gravel footpath leading up towards the encircling ancient town wall.
A defensive perimeter surrounded the town. These ancient town fortifications have been partially restored, and made safe to climb. Caution is required as paths are steep and rough in places, with some high walls and no guard rails.
A small parking area along the river, starting place for climbing to the south section of town. From here there are also hiking trails along the river and up to the hillside southeast of town. Trout were seen swimming in the clear river waters.
The Central Cathedral is in this area, on the ridge of the Southern town.


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