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Uploaded 5. nóvember 2018

Recorded október 2018

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nálægt Yinjiatun, Liaoning (China)

At the end of October many town residents go to the countryside to buy car-fulls of vegetables directly from small farmers, and also help in their harvest. This practice is for those that have "guanxi" (connections) to the farming place and people.

This track, recorded in late October 2018, is one such short trip. The farm community speaks with a local dialect, and were extremely friendly and helpful. I am very grateful to city friends who invited us to accompany them.

there was lots of work of pulling up vegetables in the fields and carrying big bags of them out to the lane.

along access road

The beginning of the saved track has a short driving segment along the access lane.

Farmers residence

Main farmhouse; small radishes were harvested from the front garden.

a newer farm residence

The only relatively modern building seen in the area.

Hot Pepper Field


Farms and old cottages

The plots are all surprisingly small and varied, often separated by crumbling dry rock walls. Perhaps this area escaped the collectivisation of the 1950's? There are many small farm cottages, now falling into ruin, suggestive of a higher past rural population. All is somewhat reminiscent of parts of the Irish countryside.

Field of baicai

"Baicai" is a very popular winter vegetable, often kept in large quantities in apartment stairwells and porches as a supply through the winter period.

'huluobo' field

Huluobo = A kind of large white radish


In a farmers' yard along the road


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