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nálægt Norwich, New York (United States)

This is a loop on the Chenango Greenway trail starting from Norwich High School. The Chenango Greenway sounds good in concept: 6 miles of trails along the Chenango river, pleasant but unexciting. Unfortunately, the trails sections are not contiguous. It is interrupted by fences, creeks and private property. Hopefully Norwich will someday get it together to connect these trails. Here's a map of all the sections: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=42.522472981001435%2C-75.51277652247126&spn=0.04265%2C0.01742&source=embed&mid=1H72KmdwE9nZ90Ec3mCotcm_Al3Q&z=16

Hale St trailhead parking

Park here for boat launch and trail sections north and south of Hale St.

Boat launch and trailhead


Boat launch


Trail sign with map


Trail beside Chenango River

Typical trail section beside the river. Rutted two-track, sometimes muddy, grassy, flat, with nice views of river.

Fence before bridge

This fence at the edge of the county fairgrounds blocks the trail. The trail continues on the other side of the Main St bridge. You can get past the fence at the edge of the river or circle left (west) to find an open gate.

Gate locked

Fairgrounds entrance gate, locked.

Gate on track

This gate is closed but not locked. Can access Fairgrounds driveway which may be open to street. If open this is the best way out. Cross 23 and circle right (east) around the car dealership to continue on the greenway trail to the north.

Exit gate locked

I squeezed through the locked gate. This exit was easier than others I tried but still not recommended.

Fence before high school

A fence blocks access between the county property and high school property. A gate is locked. No way out?

Locked gate

I squeezed out. Not recommended.

My bloody hand

I cut my hand on barbed wire trying to escape the fairgrounds. Why does the county think they need barbed wire on these fences?! Someone should tell them anyone can walk in to the fairgrounds on the greenway trail!


    You can or this trail