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Skoðað 1878sinnum, niðurhalað 4 sinni

nálægt Clarà, Catalunya (España)

This is the "R11. Clarà, Els Muntanyans, Baix a Mar and the Harbour" route available at http://www.turismetorredembarra.cat/continguts/rutes_llistat.php?idioma=en
Roman Vil·la of Moro, a site made up of a collection of structures: the spa complex, the service area and the residential sector. A study of the remains discovered here has identified two construction periods: the first during the Republican era (2nd C. BC to 1st C. AD) and the Augustinian era (1st C. AD to 2nd C. AD)
Plaza de la Iglesia, which still retains all its medieval charm
Cal Xeco, declared a cultural asset of local interest, which is still in a very good state of conservation and was built over the former Clarà Castle, from the medieval era
Muntanyans beach
Cal Bofill house (Environmental Activity Centre) is the office of the Council's Environmental Department
Building of the old "Sociedad Industrial de Pesca", nowadays used as "Biblioplatja" (beach library)
Church of St. John the Baptist (20th century)
Sculpture of the author Rafael Bartolozzi, Alfa and Omega, one of the few to be located in the sea
Casona del Carme. Nowadays it holds the Tourist Board of Torredembarra
Entrance to the Torredembarra marina
Fish auction which takes place every day at the Lonja (fish market)
Torredembarra lighthouse, the last one to be built in Spain in the 20th century
Canyadell beach


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