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70,16 km

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nálægt Oberwald, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

My first time in Obergoms and it will not be the last one. These tracks are well worth visiting, despite the 3 to 5 train connections required and 2 to 3 hour journey (each way).

Tracks are fully suitable for beginners.

The Rottenloipe is market by blue posts. There is a "Hangloipe" (track on the slope) which has similar distance and zizags around the blue marked Rottenloipe. The Hangloipe has 150 metres more of climb spread out in small ups and downs to force the skier to alternate rhythm. This track is of the blue market Rottenloipe but may contain a couple of stretches on the Hang loipe as they intersect a few time.

You will always be in the valley more or less following the path of the river and parallel but at a distance to the railway lines.

If you are tired it is easy to stop mid way through as there are a few nearby Matterhorn Gotthard train stops.

Track was done with skating skis (classic would be absolutely fine) in net moving time of 4h48 min (14.6kmh).

The track contains nearly two full Oberwald to Niedarwald loops, the second one a bit shorter. A full loop is about 36km.


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