386 m
265 m
14,85 km

Skoðað 5049sinnum, niðurhalað 20 sinni

nálægt Arden, New York (United States)

This is another advanced adventure that starts at the Lake Skannatati/Askoti parking lot. Starting on the Turquoise/Aqua Trail, you will pass some familiar views before finding yourself in complete seclusion. A waypoint to the actual location of the Hogencamp Mine entrance was thrown in along with additional waypoints added for the Bottle Cap Trail. Like the Pepsi Chal- lenge, bottle Cap Trail can be really confusing and will have you looking for each bottle cap to guide you off the trail to the end.

The Aqua Trail will bring you to the Yellow Trail (Dunning Trail). As you continue on the path, additional waypoints marked at junctions are for reference along with the A-SB (Arden Surebridge Trail) way- point. This hike is advanced. Be sure to bring enough food and water. Also, time your arrival appropriately so you are not left trying to navigate the Bottle Cap Trail at night.

The Boston Mine consists of a large open entrance clearly visible from the Dunning Trail (Yellow Trail), which you will see. It’s an estimated 100 feet long and placed within a clobber of magnetic iron. You can see an ore dump near the entrance to the Boston Mine, clearly indicating this was once an industrious area. Boston Mine was milled around 1880 and its ore was sent to the Clove Furnace at Arden, New York, to be liquefied.

From the Boston Mine you can continue on to the Garfield Mine way- point. It’s existence is very trifling. For this reason it’s location may not be listed on some maps. However as you continue on to the waypoint the tell-tale signs are there. The Garfield Mine also supplied ore to the Clove Furnace at Arden, NY.

After you leave the Garfield Mine you can continue to the ruins of the Stone Cabin. This has an amazing view of Island Pond.
Make a Left when Coming back from Ruins
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Pretty cool site.
Shelter option
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Towards Lake
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