418 m
255 m
12,33 km

Skoðað 1987sinnum, niðurhalað 1 sinni

nálægt Fountain Head Mobile Home Park, New York (United States)

Starting from Lake Skannatati parking lot. Follow blue paint(Photo#1;go along with lake)for 1.7km(1.1mi) Follow yellow trail west for 0.3miles. Hogan camp mine(41.24283 -74.12067) is right hand side. Return to yellow trail east accrossing green trail. Pine swamp mine(41.24926 -74.11372) is left hand side. Keep going yellow trail. Turn right at the T-junction accrossing river; Pine swamp mine#2(41.25096 -74.11194) is right after accrossing river. Return trail to west(red trail) and keep going west to get Times square(Photo#4) Go west(Red trail) for 170m(0.1mi) Leave green trail(Photo#5) and keep going straight(north)
Sure Bridge Mine(41.25759 -74.12028), Green Wood Mine(41.26472 -74.11305)


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