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nálægt Walsbets, Flanders (Belgique)

This cycling tour takes you from Landen to the Meuse valley near Huy, then through the valley to Namur and then back to Landen. Between Landen and the Meuse valley and back you follow cycling tracks on former railway tracks, now converted into Ravel cycling paths. Through the Meuse valley you follow Ravel 1 directly on the river. This cycling track is suited for the racing bike. The cycling path Ravel L127 between Landen and Huccorgne is asphalted but of poor quality, so prepare to be shaken… The cycling paths Ravel2 L142 and L147 between Namur and Landen are paved with asphalt of good quality. Near Moha there is a short climb, and in Namur you cycle up a cobblestone road to the Citadelle; otherwise the climbs and descents are smooth.
You start in Landen and immediately follow the L127. Initially, the asphalt is good, but when you cross into Wallonia, the asphalt gets poor. You cycle through the Hesbaye/Haspengouw with largely agricultural scenery. Near Avennes you descend into the Mehaigne river valley, and follow this valley to Fumal, where you have a nice view of a castle on a hill. Here you enter the last stretch of the L127, where a sign indicates the Ravel ends in a few kilometer. You can nevertheless continue on the cycling path, which is here at its most scenic. Near Huccorgne, the cycling path ends and there is a short stretch of bad road before you get to the N652. You follow this road beneath the E42 motorway to Moha. Shortly before Moha you pass a limestone quarry where you can see surrrounding trees and bushes dusted with lime. Just past Moha there is a short steep climb to the golf course and from there it is not far to the Pont Père Pire, the bridge on the Meuse river. You cross the bridge and then enter Ravel 1 directly on the river and follow this cycling path all the way to Namur on the southern bank. For large stretches the river is more or less caught in concrete, and you pass docks, a weir, quarries and industry. But you also see some river nature, rocky cliffs and castles. Near Namur you pass under the E411 motorway and enter the city. When you get near to the center, you cross the river and continue on the northern shore, cross the Sambre river, and then follow the Meuse a bit further south before cycling up to the Citadelle. This road is paved with cobblestones and gives excellent views of the river and the city, as well as the citadelle of course. On the Esplanade de la Citadelle you have reached the top and then descend on smooth asphalt back to the Sambre. You pass the cathedral and then continue to the train station. Here the Ravel 2 – L142 starts with a smooth climb out of the Meuse valley. When you have passed below the E411 and E42 motorways you have reached the top at 207 m and you are back in the Hesbaye. From here you slowly descend to the Gare de Ramillies near Autre-Église where you continue on the L147 cycling path to Landen. Near Racour station you enter Flandres and shortly after you make a short detour through Landen with its remarkable water tower before getting back to the starting point.
You can find something to eat and drink primarily in Namur, Eghezée and Landen.

Barrage Seilles - Weir in Meuse river

You find a weir and locks here in the Meuse river.
Helgur staður

Cathedral Namur

Here you pass the cathedral of Namur in the midst of a parking lot...

Climb to Citadelle of Namur

Here starts the climb to the Citadelle of Namur. You have great views on the way. The road is largely paved with bricks.

Confluence Sambre Meuse

Here the Sambre river joins the Meuse river. You have a nice view of the Citadelle and the rivers in three directions.

Entering Namur

Here you pass below the A4 viaduct and enter Namur.


Quiet village with a castle and church on the hill besides the former railway station, now served by the Ravel L127 cycling path.


Landen is just on the Flemish side of the border and a small provincial town with a large railway station and a peculiar water tower.

Limestone quarry Moha

Here you pass a limestone quarry near Moha. The trees and scrubs are covered in white limestone dust.

Pont Père Pire

This bridge takes you across the Meuse river.

Racour Station

There is a former train station here, with some rails, and a train. The station belonging to the Walloon Racour is just on the Flemish side of the border.

Ravel 1

Here you enter the Ravel 1, the cycling path along the Meuse river, and you stay on it until Namur.

Ravel 127

Here you enter the Ravel on the former railway line L127. On the Flemish side the quality of the paving is good, but the asphalt has worn out considerably on the Walloon side.

Ravel 127 Fumal-Huccorgne

Here you enter on the last stretch of the ravel 127 between Fumal and Huccorgne. There is a sign indicating the Ravel cycling path ends, but you can continue on this nice stretch through the Mehaigne valley. Just before the end, you ride a short stretch on a bad-quality paved road before you get to the N652 at Huccorgne.

Ravel 2 - L142

Here Ravel 2 on the former L142 railway line starts. It is smooth asphalt. Near Longchamps the track goes around some industrial bassins and concrete industry.

Ravel L147

Here you enter the Ravel cycling track on the former L147 railway track.

View of dolomite plant

Here you have a view of a quarry and dolomite plant on the other side of the river. A bit further there is a small castle across the river.
Fallegt útsýni

Viewpoint Château des Comtes

Here you have a great viewpoint across the city and the river.


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