282 m
133 m
80,81 km

Skoðað 978sinnum, niðurhalað 11 sinni

nálægt Lican Ray, Araucanía (Chile)

We ride the shores of two beautiful lakes, Calafquén and Panguipulli, and will cycle three-quarters of the way around Villarrica, a majestic, snow-capped active volcano. We’ll ride through the lake-side town of Licanray on roads bordered by green prairies and native forests. The first 21-mile section passes through green meadows with native forests and the Calafquén Lake on your left, by a road without many long ascends. This road is smooth and quiet as almost no vehicles drive here. At one point we should be able to see five volcanoes. After a fun descent toward the town and Lake of Panguipulli - meaning “land of lions” – we have a picnic lunch by the beach. From here we can contiue riding another 37 miles alongside Lake Panguipulli until the end of the paved road near Choshuenco village. From this point will drive half hour to the Natural Reserve Huilo Huilo, where we’ll eat dinner and stay overnight at the incredible Baobab Hotel & Spa.

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