1.110 m
412 m
77,79 km

Skoðað 127sinnum, niðurhalað 3 sinni

nálægt Innenstadt, Kanton St. Gallen (Switzerland)

78km loop beginning and ending in St. Gallen, with some climbing - 1760m elevation gain according to my GPS, 2000m according to wikiloc. I think it's rather my GPS which got it right.
The first section is a 24km long cycle to Altstätten, with 360m elevation gain, and 570m elevation loss. The second section is the main climb on the route: 11km long, almost 700m elevation gain climb to St. Anton (altitude of 1110m). The next section takes you to Rorschach - it's 27km long, mainly downhill ride (1000m elevation loss) but with some ascends (400m elevation gain). The final section is a 15km long cycle from Rorschach to St. Gallen (320m elevation gain), mainly on a bike route. Between Altstätten and Rorschach, my trail overlaps with the Stage 13 of the Herzroute (which is a bike route through Switzerland).


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