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nálægt Seltjarnarnes, Höfuðborgarsvæði (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Easy bike ride in Reykjavík and Seltjarnarnes.
  • mynd af Shark Hut
  • mynd af Shark Hut
  • mynd af Shark Hut
The wind blows through the hut and dries the shark they hang up there. Below the hut there is a hollow stone with hot water in it. Good for soaking your feet in it.
  • mynd af Seltjarnarnes Marina
A little marina
  • mynd af Rescue from the ocean
Statue called Rescue from the ocean
  • mynd af Ægissíða
Small fishermans huts were they keept there nets in and pulled the boats up there in old days. There are some figures of fishes on the sidewalk in front of them.
  • mynd af Reykjavík airport
Reykjavík airport
  • mynd af Heated beach Nautholsvik
  • mynd af Heated beach Nautholsvik
Heated beach Nautholsvik They pump hot water into the ocean there for people to bath in it.
  • mynd af Bridge over troubled traffic
  • mynd af Bridge over troubled traffic
Taken from a bridge over heavy traffic street. Since it was taken on Good Friday early there is no traffic.
  • mynd af Tree tunnel into Fossvogur
Tree tunnel in Fossvogsdalur
  • mynd af Elliðaárdalur
  • mynd af Hydro station
Hydro Power station in Elliðaárdalur
  • mynd af Elliðaárvogur Bridges over troubled waters
  • mynd af Elliðaárvogur Bridges over troubled waters
Elliðaárvogur Bridges over troubled waters
  • mynd af Laugardalur
  • mynd af Laugardalur
  • mynd af Botanical garden
Botanical garden in Laugardalur
  • mynd af Laugardalsvöllur
National soccer Stadium in Iceland
  • mynd af Höfði house
It’s best known as the location for the 1986 summit meeting of presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbatsjov, a historical event that effectively marked the end of the Cold War. During this meeting images of the house were broadcast all over the world. A Japanese millionaire even had an exact replica of the house built in his country. The sculpture in front of the house depicts pillars from the chieftain’s seat of the first Norwegian settler in Reykjavík. Höfði was initially the house of the French consul in Iceland and still bears many signs of its original purpose, such as the letters R.F (the abbreviation of the French Republic), the name of the consul and the year of its construction above an inside door. Among other renowned guests of Höfði House include celebrities and heads of state, amongst them the Queen of England, Winston Churchilll and Marlene Dietrich. In addition, the house is believed to be occupied by a ghost, "The White Lady", experienced by a former British Ambassador who once occupied the house. She caused so much distress that he persuaded the British Foreign Office to sell the house. Höfði is owned by the the City of Reykjavík and is currently used for official receptions and meetings. Although the house is unfortunately not open to the public, visitors are welcome to explore the house from the outside. Höfði House is located on Borgartún in the 105 area of Reykjavík overlooking the waterfront.
  • mynd af Sun Voyager
Sun voyager and our concert hall Harpa
  • mynd af Reykjavík Marina
Reykjavík Marina downtown Reykjavík
  • mynd af Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum fun to bike there with the water below you.
  • mynd af Oil tanks
Oil tanks Where we keep our gasoline and Diesel for our cars and ships.
  • mynd af Bodagrandi


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