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Skoðað 570sinnum, niðurhalað 17 sinni

nálægt Laugarvatn, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)


  • mynd af Henrique Almeida

    Henrique Almeida 22.1.2015

    This is my 2015 3 weeks Project trip.
    I´m still checking the feasibility...

  • mynd af ziad abboud

    ziad abboud 15.11.2015

    did you manage to do it?

  • mynd af Henrique Almeida

    Henrique Almeida 15.11.2015


    Yes I did, It was an amazing adventure!
    I did same changes:
    I rode directly from Borgarnes to Stykkisholmur; And cut the extreme Northern part ridding from Varmahlid directly to Akureyri.
    The road F338 was under heavy ice and I lost two days puching my bike to overcome it. Luckely I found a moutain shelter and had a nice night, after hate a nice soup made with melted ice :)
    I´m sorry I didn´t record the changes. But it´s simple just inform yourself if the F338 is closed before heading to Gulfoss. Or else you have to return and it´s 280 kms to return and reach Stikkisholmur :(
    If you need anymore info, just let me know.

  • mynd af ziad abboud

    ziad abboud 17.11.2015

    I've been doing some research,
    it seems like its mostly rainy and windy (60kmh) , and the road are not all pavement, most are gravel
    must have been very difficult for you...

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