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2.385,0 km

Skoðað 265sinnum, niðurhalað 11 sinni

nálægt Reykjanesbær, Suðurnes (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Iceland Trip plan estimation Summer 2016


  • mynd af erdemkorkmaz

    erdemkorkmaz 9.7.2016

    Have you done this trail?

  • mynd af pistilloni

    pistilloni 10.7.2016

    That was the plan. Here the real trip: http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=13948586 that includes some bus and boat transfers.

  • mynd af erdemkorkmaz

    erdemkorkmaz 10.7.2016

    Real trip is also seem very nice. Do you have any recommendations about climate, camping, food, budget and other things?

  • mynd af pistilloni

    pistilloni 12.7.2016

    Iceland is windy and hilly, so better to travel light. I had two back panniers and a trailer that was too much. There are many camping, but I had to sleep along the road 5 times. When you there take a copy of Cycling Iceland map on tourist information offices or at Reykjavik camping, very useful, and one more thing, Iceland is expansive!

  • mynd af erdemkorkmaz

    erdemkorkmaz 14.7.2016

    Thank you, your information is very useful for me. I sure will be careful about travelling light. Cheers..

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