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-11 m
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Skoðað 3103sinnum, niðurhalað 22 sinni

nálægt Keflavík, Suðurnes (Ísland)

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  • mynd af Northern Mountaineer

    Northern Mountaineer 24.1.2012


  • mynd af Sergey Anatolievich

    Sergey Anatolievich 30.1.2012


  • guidopuccetti 7.6.2012

    Dear Sergey Anatolievich i would like to make a journey as you have done and maybe you can give me same information about your journey. In how many stops is it possible make the trip? Is it possible to slip every night in some camping or hotel or anything else? How much do you spend in total for the entire journey?

  • guidopuccetti 7.6.2012


  • mynd af Sergey Anatolievich

    Sergey Anatolievich 16.6.2012

    Dear Guido, thank you for your interest. The stops we made are marked at the map with checkboxes. We were travelling with our tents. Sometimes we stopped at some camping-sites, sometimes we slept in some open areas besides the campings. It’s possible to stay in some campings or hostels almost everywhere (please note, that some campings at our route are outdoor-versions, it’s necessary to have your own tent with you). Here you can check out the campings in Iceland
    http://www.visiticeland.com/Accommodation/Camping/. It’s difficult to estimate our whole budget or this journey. The tent place in the camping costs from 6 till 8 Euro per person per night. The hostel - about 20-30 Euro. If you are going to cook by yourself, so the prices in the supermarket are relatively high, like in most expensive European countries. To eat in the restaurant costs about 35 Euro. I you need the GPS-track, you can download the whole version upon this link
    http://www.x-tracks.ru/Reports/iceland-2011/Iceland_gpx.zip Also this page can be interesting or you. Though it’s in Russian, the most links are in English
    http://www.x-tracks.ru/Reports/Iceland_2011-III.htm Wish you a nice trip! Sergey Anatolievich ZaKat

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