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nálægt Ritzebüttel, Niedersachsen (Deutschland)

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ELBERADWEG:  RUTA DEL RIO ELBA. 1040 km del Mar del Norte a Praga
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Ruta per recòrrer el riu Elba des del la seva desembocadura, al mar del Nord (Cuxhaven), per atravessar Alemanya Occidental, Oriental i Txequia, fins a Praga. Recorre la famosa i ciclada ruta en bici Elberadweg.

Ruta para recorrer el rio Elba, desde su desembocadura en el mar del Norte (Cuxhaven), para atravesar Alemania Occidental, Oriental y Chequia, hasta Praga. Recorre la famosa i ciclada ruta en bici Elberadweg.

Route to go trough all Elbe river, from the mouth in the North sea (Cuxhaven), to cross all West German, East German and Czech Republic, to Praga. It goes through the famous and very cycled bike route Elberadweg.

This is an interesting trip to cross part of Europe from the north to the center, following the river Elbe and his Elberadweg. The route is well prepared for bikes, using dam paths, cycle paths near local roads, and beautiful farm paths near the marshes of the river.

The first part passes on the dams and near the river which is very wide from the mouth to Hamburg. This part can be done in two stages and take a rest in the lively city of Hamburg.

The second part we can consider from Hamburg to Magdeburg, which can be done with 3 stages of 100 km. Is very flat and you can pass many types of paths near the river and the villages next to it. Hitzacker and Werben can be the two stops, but you can try other like Lauenburg or Havelberg.

After crossing Magdeburg, we can consider the third part of the trip, till Dresden. It can be done also in three stages stoping in Worlitz and Torgau, two beutiful villages next to the river. It's also very flat and beautiful.

After the reconstructed Dresden, we enter the hilly fourth part of Porta Bohemia, that enters us to Czcech republic. All this part is a full of bikes beautiful cycle path to the frontier.

Once in Czech Republic, most of way is next to the river, mostly paved and can be done in three stages, stoping in Decin and Melnik before arriving to Prague, the very touristic city of central Europe.

The best time is late spring. Not many rain, and temperatures are not very high.  July can be hotter, and final august and september are a bit colder but good temperature to ride.

We got by plane to Bremen, and then there is good connection to Cuxhaven, which is the start point. From Prague the international airport has many flight connections to many places in Europe.

No needs of Visa in any of the three countries if you are european citizen. There is plenty of places to have meals and sleeping. But some are for local tourists and can be dificult to speak english in some places. West Germany is more expensive than East. Czech is more economic.
There is many information of the route and all is prepared for bikes. Hotels and B&B are bike friendly.

All the way is very easy to ride. There are no roads with traffic. The pavement is quite good, and only few parts are non paved. The way is very flat and the wind normaly goes from west-soutthwest, so this direction is good for the wind. Normally all the roads has
cycle paths beside.

Cycling Guide Elberadweg Part 1 and 2, from Estebauer.
http://www.elbe-cycle-route.com/start.html (german part).
http://www.elbe-cycleroute.cz/the-elbe-cycle-route/ (czech part).
http://www.labska-stezka.cz/uvod.aspx (more from czech part).
http://www.bettundbike.de/en  Information of bike friend accomodation.

Here you have all the stages. You can click on the stage to get into:
STAGE 01 - Cuxhaven-Oederquart 53 km First stage on the dams.
STAGE 02 - Oederquart-Hamburg 90 km Second stage with canals and beautiful Stade.
STAGE 03 - Hamburg-Hitzacker 113 km Nice stage on cycle paths and passing beautiful Lauenburg.
STAGE 04 - Hitzacker-Werben 101 km   Stage interesting through marshes with many birds.
STAGE 05 - Werben-Magdeburg 114 km Impressive stage with canal infraestructures.
STAGE 06 - Magdeburg-Worlitz 110 km Beautiful gardens of worlitz and interesting visit to Dessau.
STAGE 07 - Worlitz-Torgau 90 km
Interesting visit to Luter's town Wittenberg.
STAGE 08 - Torgau-Dresden 109 km Dresden is a impressive city, reconstructed after the WWII.
STAGE 09 - Dresden-Decin 78 km Very busy bike path to Czech Republic and arrival to Decin.
STAGE 10 - Decin-Melnik 100 km Passing through Porta Bohemia but with paved paths near the river.
STAGE 11 - Melnik-Prague 60 km Arrival to Prague the capital of central Europe Tourism.

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Have a nice trip!

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START: Cuxhaven Inicio en Cuxhaven
ETAPA 01: OEDERQUART 53 km Primera etapa fins a Oderquart
ETAPA 02: HAMBURG 90 km Etapa fins Hamburg
ETAPA 03: HITZACKER 113 km Etapa fins a Hitzacker
ETAPA 04: WERBEN 101 km Fins a Werben
ETAPA 05: MAGDEBURG 114 km Fins a Magdeburg
ETAPA 06: WORLITZ 110 km Fins a Worlitz
ETAPA 07: TORGAU 90 km
ETAPA 08: DRESDEN 109 km
ETAPA 09: DECIN 78 km
ETAPA 10: MELNIK 100 km
ETAPA 11: PRAGA 60 km


  • danielvalverdeb 29.10.2013

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Molt bona ruta, majorment per carril bici i la resta, amb molt poc poc trànsit. Tot molt bé, ho explica molt en WCRVBB.

  • mynd af Giraventura Brazil

    Giraventura Brazil 22.7.2014

    Congratulations! Your trips are amazing!

  • mynd af fulgenci-laia

    fulgenci-laia 6.9.2015

    Aquest estiu hem fet aquesta ruta i gràcies al Vicens que ens va complementar el track vam poder allargar-lo de Praga a Viena amb tot luxe de detalls.
    Ens ha agradat molt i hem gaudit de cada camí, transbordadors, carrils bici, carreteres molt secundaries etc. Apart de seguir el riu Elba, també en travessat boscos i pobles, les rutes et porten a visitar monuments històrics i punts turístics.
    Agraïm molt que hagin persones com el Vicens que comparteixin amb nosaltres aquestes rutes, sense tots vosaltres no seria possible per nosaltres poder-les realitzar.
    Moltes gràcies

  • mynd af bicings

    bicings 6.9.2015

    Gracies Laia i Fulgeci. Ojala pugueu fer les meves i moltes mes. Sous uns cracks de la bici.

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