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Skoðað 2135sinnum, niðurhalað 13 sinni

nálægt Westville, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

Palmiet Nature Reserve - Western Trails

Ge 2 Dorothy McLean entrance in David McLean Drive
Ge 3 Faurea entrance in Pitlochry Road (Note this gate is locked - keys as below)
Gl 1-10 Locked gates. Keys available from PNR Manager for nearby residents

Path Colour
blue Palmiet Trail
magenta Ntengu Trail
green Nkawu Trail
red Ridge Trail
yellow Nkanekane Trail
orange Nsimba Trail

Path Junctions
E 1-22 Junctions on Palmiet Trail east of main entrance
W 1-5 Junctions on Palmiet Trail west of main entrance
N 1-4 Junctions north of Palmiet River

River Stepping-stone Crossings
C1E-C8E Crossings east of main entrance
C1W-C3W Crossings west of main entrance

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