3.968 m
1.615 m
28,85 km

Skoðað 63sinnum, niðurhalað 3 sinni

nálægt Tajrīsh, Tehrān (Iran)

On foot Tehran(hiking Tochal summit + street walking)-Velenjak 1st to 7th station, kulakchal(Jun 22, 2018)
-Today I was exhausted and had low level energy.
-Near 2nd station on Tochal telecabin, I felt pain in my left knee and my right ankle then continued the pathway up to Tochal more slowly.
-Mountaineering veteran Mr. Naser Olfat, I talked with him in Golabdarreh valley and drink some tea with him.(part 02 of the journey at tomorrow morning )
-Also Mr. Ali (from Tehran), massaged my bored leg on Tochal summit gently. Hope to see him again to massage him completely as i know tai-massage.
-At kulakchal shelter (Noorolshohada tomb) I stopped hiking and slept there, caring my knee and ankle.
«پاپیمایی در تهران دوست داشتنی»
تهرانی پاکیزه ترین آرزو دارم.
تهرانی برازنده ترین آرزو دارم.
تهرانی فرزانه ترین آرزو دارم.
تهرانی شادترین آرزو دارم.

"On foot hecto-year: Live natural" on lovely green-turquoise earth.
"Hezarmasjed cross country running"
"Culture running"
On-footer/ Runner/ Hiker: "Abbas ASADI"

«یک سده پاپیمایی: طبیعی زندگی کن» بر روی زمین سبز-فیروزه ای و دوست داشتنی
«پهنه شهر نوردی هزار مسجد»
«پاپیمایی در پهنه فرهنگ»
«پاپیما/ دونده/ کوه پیما: عباس اسدی»


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