506 m
404 m
1,93 km

Skoðað 2309sinnum, niðurhalað 2 sinni

nálægt Himmelried, Kanton Solothurn (Swiss Confederation)

The trail start from a place where it is possible to park the car.
Eischloss is a waterfall rarely formed but when in conditions is superb...
the overall length is 35 meters with the possibility to climb the steep unprotected kamin on the left side of the waterfall looking to it (point toward the obvious ledge and the struggle up a mixed terrain of snow, ice, rotten wood...) from the top there is the possibility to rappel down from a tree (i leaved a cordelette and an old steel carabine there please do not steal it) and climb the waterfall top rope

The GPS coordinate you will find on gipfelbuch.ch are wrong, 400 meters too much down the main gorge

see the map picture for exact position


    You can or this trail