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nálægt Hidden Springs, California (United States)

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http://www.dankat.com/advents/classc.htm ---> ACA Rating: 3AII
** Difficulties: Three rappels down dryfalls, one 160ft high; some wading
** Special equipment: Rappelling gear with one 200ft rope, one 200ft pull cord, 30ft of webbing, 3 rappel rings

http://www.dankat.com/advents/fallcr.htm ---> ACA Rating: 3BIII
** Difficulties: Four rappels down waterfalls, one 70ft high; some bushwhacking and wading
** Special equipment: Rappelling gear with 200ft rope, 50ft of webbing, 3 rappel rings, dry bags

My experience [completed on 11/15/2014]:

Temp - 63 degF @ 8am; high was 70 degF. However, in the canyon it was much cooler and the wind picked up around 1pm in the Canyon and when you are wearing damp/wet clothes - it gets cold. Bring a waterproof jacket or sweater/shirt in a waterproof bag to change in later. There are numerous stream crossing and standing in water.

This trip was about 6 hours and 30 minutes with 8 people.
This is about 6.3 miles round trip. I used Endomondo app on my Samsung Note 3 to track this route...so the GPS isn't great but it will do for now.

This is a bushwacking trail. (Grab your compas & topograhpic map - USGS Topo Maps: Condor Peak) Or have a GPS device with the route from dankat beta.

I did wear quick drying cargo hiking shorts with long socks and long sleeve cotton shirt. I didn't run into any problems. Poison Oak is everywhere. However, in the future, I will wear quick drying, hiking, cargo pants. For the approach to get to the classic canyon trail, we used the metal chute (see pic). Be careful not to snag your clothes, gear. One person in our party tore the butt area of his cargo pants. Also, I wouldn't recommend any material that can't hand velcro (snares easily, example - polyester blends). There are lots of vegetation that likes to adhere to those types of clothes and will ruin the fabric/material. My hiking shoes of choice - Nike Alvordo 10 trail shoes. They significantly better on smooth/wet surfaces than my Columbia Women's Helvatia WP Trail Shoe... which I thought was odd.


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