1.342 m
1.121 m
50,64 km

Skoðað 69sinnum, niðurhalað 0 sinni

nálægt Fagerheim, Buskerud fylke (Norge)

First day on Hardanger this year. Drove up early to beat the storm. Wind was funky. thought it was really strong, so took out the 6m. wind was on and off. changing direction. snow was icy with patches of wind slab. Wind on the lake was not good, so crossed the road and kited up to the tower. much stronger and more consistent. everyone went in for lunch, so I headed west up to skulevige. found some really nice valleys and fun bowls on the way. snow was mostly really smooth and fast. good viz. not too cold. really fun day. practicing down hill up wind turns. cant figure it out. On one of the down hill practices, an eagle was hovering above my kite as if it was checking me out. Really fast on way back to halne.


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