740 m
675 m
1,36 km

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nálægt Immendingen, Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)

diversion for construction site
Zeller Horn
Tripoint Saxony-Bavaria-Czechia
Katzstein Take a selfie!
Jaenschwalde mine Take a selfie!
log hut, 2-4 persons
masoned bus stop on the side of a busy road
ruins and fireplace, no weather shelter, beach and source of Havel river nearby
picnic and shelter for 1-2 persons
Bieberhuette, not scouted
Gazebo, 4-6 persons
log hut, not very clean, 2-4 persons
open hut, 4-6 persons
not scouted
Gazebo, 1-3 persons
canoe camping site and big shelter
nature playground and gazebo, 4-6 persons
basic hut, 1-2 persons
has a leaky roof! 2018-06 scouted by Gerhard W.
one of many shelters along the border walk, 2-4 persons
smal hut, 1-2 persons
picnic bench with roof
small hut, 1-2 persons
emergency shelter


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