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nálægt Flüelen, Kanton Uri (Switzerland)

This is a first attempt at cross skating the area.

I started in Flüelen and stopped in Erstfeld

I averaged around 14kmh for what is mostly an upriver section

The sequence of towns is Flüelen Altdorf Attinghausen Erstfeld Silenen Amsteg

The river bank path is basically a dual track hard pressed gravel path that sits on top of a wall to contain the Reuss river from overflowing. It is therefore extremely flat.

I recommend avoiding the "Weg der Schweiz" route either towards Isletten or towards Sisikon. It is mostly asphalt. If you go towards Isletten you will have the choice of a narrow sidewalk or a road. Stick to the Reuss river bank path and to the Reus Delta paths.

The gravel is ok for 20cm wheel. The surface is hard pressed so you will glide. You should be able to double pole a bit.

The only downside I saw to this route was that at some points you are quite close to the highway.

From Flüelen to Attinghousen I stayed on the western side of the Reuss.
In Attinghousen, I changed to the eastern side of the Reuss

It could be done differently as I noticed there were paths on the other side.


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