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Hnit 1019

Uploaded 7. febrúar 2014

Recorded febrúar 2014

2.683 m
1.856 m
10,45 km

Skoðað 3019sinnum, niðurhalað 40 sinni

nálægt Pal, Parròquia de la Massana (Andorra)

An easy tour starting from the Pal ski resort (VallNord) at the Col de la Botella. Ski down the piste and across to the Bordes de Setúria (cluster of stone houses). Skin up through the trees up the Riu dels Llacs valley. You can cut up to the col between Pic de la Bassera and Pic de Setúria, but beware wind slab formation and cornices hanging above you. The left flank may have very thin snow cover over rocks, find the best line up to the summit. Ski down much the same line and skin back up the side of the piste to Col de Botella.
The bottom two-thirds goes through spaced trees and would work well for a tour in poor visibility.

Pic de la Bassera 2696m


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