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Skoðað 1980sinnum, niðurhalað 82 sinni

nálægt Borovets, Софийска област (България)

Yastrebretz Gondola 2369m-Musala Hut-Everest Hut-Musala 2925m-Musala Pathway

Musala peak 2925m is the highest peak in Rila Mt and the whole Balkan Peninsula ( second is Mt Olympus at 2919m in Greece and Pirin Mt at 2915m in Bulgaria ). This is the shortest route to the summit, starting off from the End of the Yastrebetz Gondola Lift at 2369m. This gondola lift links Borovets village to the upper part of the ski resort. The facts that the route presents small elevation gain, a marked trail and a metal wire at the more technical North Ridge, make it relatively easy from a mountaineering prospective.
However, proper mountaineering knowledge is required in order to complete the route in safety on a winter ascent. This recording regards a Mountaineering ski ascent and descent, which however barely deviates from the marked trail. A ski descent from 2720m all the way down to the Borovets village is possible following the Musala Pathway ski route from 2170m and bellow ( 1500 total vertical meters ski descent ). The route crosses beside many alpine lakes that are not visible in the wintertime (frozen and snow covered).

Short Description:
The marked route starts from the small challets a few meters south from the gondola ( 2360m). The traversing path heads North, crossing many times the Markudjik lifts and pistes. At the last part of the traverse ( 2.8km from the start ) the path crosses a slope that is prone to avalanches ( proper mountaineering knowledge is required to assess the risk ). Reaching flat grounds, the route approaches the Musala Hut plateau, where three buildings are situated. Continuing South, we can pick the metal posts which from this point on, reach all the way to the summit. Continuing on the same baring, we reach a small gully at 2510m and ascent on a Col at 2570m. At this point the recorded route presents a deviation from the marked route with metal posts, and traverses the small ridge from bellow to the the west. This is the appropriate route to follow if ascending on skis. Reaching a small ledge, we head east for a while and reach the marked trail again at 2610m. Heading south, the trail reaches the Everest Hut at 2720m. This the last flat point before the final summit push to the summit via the north ridge. Continuing on ski skins is not possible from this point on. The north ridge is fairly easy and a metal wire helps the inexperienced ( for those with no mountain experience, crampons and a harness with two slings on carabiners in order to self arrest on the wire, is advised ). Ascending the ridge we reach the summit at 2925m. There are two buildings on the summit, a meteorological station and a pollution monitoring post. On good weather conditions the surrounding view to the summit is quite impressive.
Descending on the same route we reach the Everest hut and putting on skis again, we can now ski all the way down to the Borovets village ( a 1500m vertical descent ). For the ski descent, initially we avoid the traversing path that leads at this point and instead descent a nice broad gully to the NW reaching the Col at 2560m again. Continuing, we reach the Musala Hut plateau. From this point on we head N - NE, descending on a sometimes groomed track. Reaching the base of Markudjik lift at 2170m we come across the Musala Pathway start, a ski route of the Borovets resort which leads all the way down to the village ( not presented on the recording ).


Col at 2520m just above the Alekovo lake ( visible at summer months ). For the ski route we deviate for a while from the path and head south bellow the rock ridge.

Everest Hut

Everest or Ledenoto Hut at 2720m. Just above the Tamnoto lake.

Flat Ground

Heading South on flat ground we aim the Hut Plateau.


Small easy Gully

Musala 2925m

Musala 2925m highest peak in Rila Mt and the Balkan Peninsula.

Musala 2925m South Building

The south bouilding on the summit of Mussala. Nice view southwards.

Musala Hut

Musala Hut at 2430m. Three buildings. At wintertime the northern one is at times open. No water. There is an occasionally groomed track, that descents from here to Markudjik lifts and Musala Pathway.

Musala Pathway

Musala Pathway and Markudjik 2 lift. If there is enough snowcover, skiing down to the village of Borovets is possible.

North Ridge I

Start of North Ridge that leads all the way to the summit.

North Ridge II

Point on the North Ridge.

Ski Ascent Deviation

Route followed while ascending on skis.

Ski Descent Deviation

Route followed while descending on skis.

Small Chalets

Three small challets on the ridge.

Start of Route

Start of the path to the summit. A small metal sign marks the spot just beside a small chalet-Hut.

Traverse I

Heading south on a path. Crossing many times the Maqrkudjik lifts and pistes.

Traverse II

The final part of the traverse from Yastrebetz to Musala Chalet Plateau. Traverse on path. This part of the slope is prone to avalanches. Properly assess the risk.

Yastrebetz Gondola

Yastrebetz Gondola Station at 2369m.


  • mynd af nexus polaris

    nexus polaris 19.3.2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    NIce Route. We were two, One on skis, one on shoes. Fairly easy if of some experience. Great view from the summit. Comprehensive description.

  • mynd af celembrimbor

    celembrimbor 20.3.2018

    Glad you liked it. Cheers

  • mynd af Oxia Palus

    Oxia Palus 1.4.2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Decided to pause our daily alpine skiing in the resort and followed the route to Musala. There was much new snow and we were considering the avalanche risk. Had to ask an experienced skier if it were safe to traverse to the Musala plateau. He said it was ok so gave it go. Enjoyed it. Thanks for the route description, helped us decide if we up for it.

  • mynd af celembrimbor

    celembrimbor 1.4.2018

    Good to point it out. Will write down the following for others.There is an avalanche asess risk published daily on the Borovets Ski resort site. It regards that particular section. If there is doubt on the that particular crossing, consider also the possibility to ski or walk down from the Yastrebetz Gondola to the Markudjic Lift. From there you could follow the recorded route to the Musala platue, evading the crossing on that particular slope. There is an +160m additional elevation penalty for that, but that way, you have nothing to bother about.

  • mynd af Oxia Palus

    Oxia Palus 1.4.2018


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