Hnit 339

Uploaded 18. mars 2010

Recorded mars 2010

1.352 m
709 m
16,91 km

Skoðað 5781sinnum, niðurhalað 15 sinni

nálægt Helleberg, Telemark (Norway)

Nice, lonely and very exhausting snowshoe hike in the wilderness. Bletoppen is the highest and surely the windiest peak in the Blefjell. The view from the top is fantastic. If you like to bivouac, try to get there at dawn. (This raises the complexity factor from heavy to very heavy. You will not sleep one second by thinking how to save your tent from the storm. :0) ) Prepare for an alpine experience. Although Bletoppen is only 1342 m high the situation in winter can be extreme. It is far above the treeline.
If you are lucky you can see some wild reindeer wich live in Blefjell.
16-MRZ-10 19:07:36
17-MRZ-10 6:55:12


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