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Uploaded 7. apríl 2019

Recorded apríl 2019

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Skoðað 17sinnum, niðurhalað 1 sinni

nálægt Ny Sulitjelma, Nordland (Norge)

If the weather is nice, this is a rather easy track to follow. Average distances between the fantastic DNT huts on the track is around 10-13km.

Some important remarks if you plan ondoing this track:
* The first part from the town of Sulitjelsma to the first hut is not on the track, but it's very steep, and you will likely have to finish it in the dark/dusk due to the bus hours
* On the terrain, don't try to really follow the summer trails, the navigation markers are not visible
* Before crossong ANY LAKE, check if it's safe, either with some local you encounter, or phone the park ranger (a really nice guy)
* In the last part, from Trygvebu to the final point I took a really off-road track. This follows a very steep valley, where the little river is most likely not (or not enough) completely frozen over. Be carefull and if in doubt, turn back and follow the normal path.

Happy snowshoeing, and don't let the locals tell you that you need to ski, snowshoeing is much more fun :D

I did this track end of Februari, beginning of March. At that time the avalanche risk is still very low (1-2) and there is already enough sunight towalk safely.

More info on huts and surroundings: http://ut.no
More info on the DNT: http://www.dnt.no
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 8:20 AM CET
Elevation: 1935 feet


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